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Penn Dining Publishes 23 Step Process Required to Cancel Meal Plan


Photo by Gregory Boyek / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Penn Dining recently announced the latest on the meal plan this year. Yes, freshmen are still required to have one, but on the bright side, if you are not a freshman and signed up for a meal plan, you are allowed to cancel it. To cancel your dining plan, you just have to follow 23 super simple steps written out in list form for your convenience!

This list includes easy things like, "Explain why you would like to cancel your dining plan (500 words or more, handwritten)," "collect signatures from parents/guardians, freshman year peer advisor, and the guy who sat in the front row every single day that you never talked to" and "send a self-made, hand-traced turkey by snail mail." 

Each step is revealed one at a time, forcing students to complete them in order from 1 to 23. Only after all 23 steps have been completed will a student's meal plan be canceled. If each step is not submitted within 24 hours of the submission of the first step, progress will be reset, and the student will be permitted to try again in 3 days. If all steps have not been submitted by August 15th, the student will be enrolled in the most expensive meal plan instead. 

"We here at Penn Dining like to make things simple for the students. While we wish that everyone would just keep their meal plans —or get one if they have opted out— we do understand why people might want to cancel their plans," expressed Sandra "Just buy the frickin meal plan" Jones, manager of Bon Appetit.

 Students are thrilled that Penn Dining has been so helpful and understanding during these difficult times. When we last checked in, they were struggling with step number 3 "Fax a type-writer-typed, alphabetized list of every food item offered at any one of Penn's dining facilities."