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Anti-Maskers: West Coast Wildfires Are Just Pro-Mask Propaganda


Photo by  Bjorgialt / CC BY-SA 4.0

Lately,  California wildfires have covered the US west coast with smoke and an orange haze, giving west coast citizens even more reason, in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, to wear masks and stay at home. 

Stew Pit Bigdumm, a vocal anti-masker, has viewed the fires as a state conspiracy to persuade citizens to wear masks. 

“Of course it’s California and Oregon. The damn libertards are setting the state on fire and making smoke just so people wear masks,” said Bigdumm. “Wake up you sheeple, can’t you see it's just the government trying to control you.”

The state is causing the fires to suppress God’s beautiful breathing system,” said Bigdumm. “It’s a communist attack on my religious freedom. They are violating my 1st Amendment Rights, my religious right to do whatever I want.”

Bigdumm, along with his anti-mask organization IAMASSO (International Anti-Maskers Against Stupid Sheeple Organization), will be organizing an anti-mask protest on Sacramento, where air-quality has been unhealthy due to smoke from the wildfires. “I have breathing problems, so it’s especially important that I protest my right to not wear a mask in Sacramento,” said Bigdumm.