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Hot Girl Erasure: I Turn My Camera Off During Zoom Classes


My identity is being erased. 

You see, I am a Hot Girl. Always have been, always will be. Middle school ugly phase with side bangs and crooked teeth? Sorry, can't relate! I've had layers since 3rd grade and got those braces you can't even see--the ultimate Hot Girl move. When I get ready in the morning, I just put on a little bit of mascara and I'm good to go. Honestly, I look worse WITH makeup. Can't do anything about it. 

But every day, I join my Zoom lectures and never turn on my camera. Why? Because I'm on my phone the whole time--duh. And although this decision is necessary due to the irreconcilable fact that my classes are boring and dumb, it prevents people from seeing my perfectly-proportioned face. And as a Hot Girl, I consider that a crisis. 

The internal battle: Sacrifice my mental health and wellbeing by having to suffer through a 3-hour Zoom Lecture with my camera on, but relish in the fact that everyone in my class will have to recognize my hot girl status. Or remain facially ambiguous, a dark screen, a blank canvas on which others can paint their view of me...

Is there a way I can communicate my very identity? How can I legitimize my Hot Girl status without them seeing me? How can I communicate to others that they're in the virtual presence of a hot girl, and they should probably press "Touch Up Appearance" ASAP? 

This is Hot Girl Erasure. 

Maybe I'll just enter the call without video but put "I'm a 10, btw" in the chat. Or maybe I'll just have to like, base my personality off of superficial things, like my basic values and moral character.