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Jenna Still Haunted by Guilt From Leaving Fish in Dorm for Spring Break


Photo from flickr / CC0

It started out innocently enough as Jenna was packing to go home to California for a week for spring break last semester. She brought a handful of clothes, but left everything else, including her pet fish, Bubbles, in her single in Rodin. It was only going to be a week but she wanted to be responsible, so she bought him slow release fish food so that he would eat every day until he came back. She left thinking nothing more of it. 

Then, that fateful Wednesday, it happened. The email closing campus was a death sentence. Bubbles had days left before his slow releasing food pellet would run out, he was nothing more than a dead fish swimming. Jenna tried everything, she called her friends asking them to get security to let them in and save him, but nothing worked. Time slipped away and she went through stages of grief, but even the eventual acceptance couldn’t stop her from feeling the gut wrenching guilt. Was she to blame for her pet’s untimely demise? Jenna thought as she lay awake. To calm herself, she thought of the good times they had together. She mostly thought of the times he swam around, anxious and bored, in his cramped little bowl. She remembered that time she took a picture of him and posted it on her Snapchat story. Damn, what a fish.

What was worst of all by far, was that the moving crew felt the need to ship Bubbles back to her in the same box as her winter coats.