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Big Win! Mom Said I Get to Pick Out a Special Treat at the Grocery Store


Photo by Jaro Larnos / CC BY 2.0

It all started early this morning. I was eating my daily bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios when out of the blue my mom said, "Alicia, you've been good lately. Do you want to come to the grocery store with me? If you come, you can pick out a special treat." I eagerly said I wanted to come and immediately started thinking about what type of special treat I would get. 

Mom said we were going to the store at 3:00, so that we could both get some work done. I watched a couple of Zoom lectures, but my mind was really focused on thinking about my special treat. At 2:30 pm I had my shoes on, was holding the car keys, and had found my mom's purse. I would be ready as soon as the clock hit 3:00. I sat on the couch waiting. 

At 3:02, my mom came downstairs and was ready to go. Within a few minutes, we had arrived. I waited patiently as we put eggs, milk, and butter in our cart. I watched cautiously as my mom put fruits and veggies into our cart. By the time Mom put the bread in the cart I was getting antsy. I couldn't stop thinking about my special treat. 

Finally, after what seemed like forever, my mom turned to me and said, "Okay, Alicia, what do you want for your special treat?" I led my mom to the aisle with the cookies then spent the next 10 minutes staring at the variety. There were a million types of Oreos, Lorna Doones, crunchy cookies, chewy cookies, jam cookies, shortbreads. I stared longingly at the fancy cookies I only eat on special occasions. This could be my special treat.

"You have one more minute to decide," my mom's voice broke me from my cookie-filled trance. I hadn't even seen the candy options! I rushed back-and-forth in front of the sweets like a tiger in a cage. Which would be my special treat?! Mom was getting impatient. If I didn't decide soon, it would be time to leave without my special treat. After eeny meeny miny moe, my hand settled on a bag of dark chocolate chunk cookies. 

Mom gave me the O-K and told me to put it in the cart. We checked out, and as my mom put the bags in the trunk, I rifled through each one until I found the bag containing my special treat. I brought the cookies into the car with me and opened the bag. It was only then I realized I had forgotten to look at the cupcakes, which was what I should have gotten for my special treat. Disheartened, I ate my chocolate chunk cookies. Maybe next time I would pick the perfect special treat.