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Pandemic Doing Wonders for Students’ Growing Dislike of Others


Photo From Pixabay / C00

From family to friends to strangers, there’s no limit on who to hate these past few months. The pandemic grudges are strong and only seem to grow in power every day. Can you stand being in the house with your two roommates, hearing them throw up cold pizza and vodka for one more weekend? Are you through with your professor who doesn’t know how to share his slides? Finally fucking finished receiving tuition bills for the University of Phoenix? If this describes you, I want to ask you to join the club and embrace the pandemic hatred.

Pandemic hatred is a perfect excuse to cut out all the annoying acquaintances in your life and those few unfortunate anti-mask friends that you let slide before. Months stuck at home can help some grow and reflect on life, but the best-of-the-best let time make them bitter.

Now the question remains, how do you go about expressing yourself during a time like this? The most classic option is always to simply ghost, but for the friends that can’t take a hint, I have a recommendation. Honesty is the best policy, just like mom told you. Come clean on how you can’t stop thinking of beating the shit out of your roommate when he chews with his mouth open. Tell your uncle that if he makes one more racist comment he is uninvited from Thanksgiving. If your sibling touches the remote one more time, his fingers are getting the hammer. Just do it.