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Professor Who Says This Is Gonna Be A "Very Different Semester" To Assign The Exact Same Amount of Work


Photo by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung / CC BY SA-2.0

Professor Campbell, who teaches PHIL 007 (Morality and Ethics), understands. He understands that the world is "upside down" right now. That the pandemic and virtual learning are making it increasingly difficult for students to do their schoolwork. That there's a civil rights movement happening. That we could be heading into the next Great Depression. And he understands that because of all these factors, classes are going to be very, very different this semester

Just not his, apparently. 

"Look, this semester is challenging us all in really unique ways, and it's certainly not going to be normal by any standards. Adjustments will have to be made," he says, handing out his unchanged syllabus. 

Campbell announced that his late work policy states that with each passing day, your grade is penalized by 50%.

"Yes, you can go into the negatives, and no, there are no exceptions for any deaths in the family," say Campbell, after expressing that he "wants every student to know that he understands there are many unforeseen circumstances in such tumultuous times."

Campbell ended his first class by announcing that "The first unit will look at the ethics of specific institutions, like universities, and then we'll look at ethics of an individual--like how one person's supposed moral compass might not line up with what they actually do."