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Vape God Tommy Loves Breakout Rooms


Photo by Vaping360 / CC BY 2.0

Vape God Tommy asserts his dominance every Zoom breakout room by hitting his pen every time someone speaks. Nothing humiliates the betas more than seeing Tommy powerfully blow his bubblegum water vapor in front of his computer camera. 

“The transition to online classes has been really great.” Tommy said, “I no longer need to come up with an excuse not to pass the pen. All to myself baby.”

“I told Thomas that the teacher was still recording...but he said he didn’t care. And then he rambled something off about Bernie and how The Last Jedi isn’t canon.” One of his classmates added.

When asked to comment his professor merely stated, “I can’t even say I’m mad at him. How can one be mad at a chad for being a chad?”

Sources say vape God Tommy’s only regret is that he can’t pass the pen to get the ladies anymore. “Sometimes when I’m at social distancing beer night. I miss the feeling of community that comes with vaping.”