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OP-ED: Y'all Wanna Hotbox This Breakout Room?


Photo (with edits) by Kdsphotos / CC0

What is up, Breakout Room 6?!

Wait, what were we supposed to be discussing again? Ah, screw it.

So, we’re lighting up right? Come on, there's no way the professor checks in on us. We’re freakin’ breakout room six, man! No holds barred!

Naw, dude, don’t chicken out now. Chill out, compadre! We’re the only ones here, so just live a little, mmkay?

Dude, hurry it up, before the room closes. I thought we were in this together. Isn’t the whole point of having breakout rooms in the first place to foster teamwork and creativity? Aww, just grab a bong and start puffing, for Pete’s sake!

Any takers? Nobody? Y’all would really leave your main man high and dry like this? Lame.

...yup, and there it is. Rooms are closing in thirty seconds.

Sheesh, I’m not gonna lie, this is kinda sad. Y’all missed your chance, for real.

Well, at any rate, make sure to hit up my office hours tonight if you have any questions about today’s lecture. See you guys at Friday recitation!