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The Best Way to Make a Difference Is to Post a Cute Graphic About Making a Difference


Photo by Claire Cao / The Daily Pennsylvanian

If there’s one thing I know, but that many of my followers sadly don’t, it’s that posting about activism on social media doesn’t actually make much of a difference. Sure, it’s nice to see you all repost a video of a polar bear standing on melting ice, but did you personally go to the Arctic and sacrifice yourself as a form of sustenance for the bear? That’s what I thought.

That is exactly why I’m posting this pretty infographic about why it’s important to make a real difference. I’m finally calling out all these performative activists for being all “bark” and no “bite.” I think I’ll make it the second picture after my selfie, you know, in one of those Instagram slideshow things. That way, everyone knows I'm not a narcissist, because it shows that I also care about our society. It’s like, “woah, she’s cute, *swipe,* and she’s woke!” Are you kidding me? And the caption will contain a bunch of hyperlinks to resources so my lowly followers will know how to help out for once. The links won’t work, obviously, because it’s an Instagram caption, but if they really cared about mass incarceration or police brutality or food poverty, they’d type the whole thing out letter by letter. 

Oh, you’re curious about what the infographic actually says? It says “silence is compliance,” and I have NEVER been compliant. In fact, I came out of the womb kicking and screaming about equal rights and banning fracking. Do you see this? The pastel colors even make it cute enough to match my page aesthetic— oh, yeah, and so everyone will want to repost and spread the message, too, of course. Just make sure that everyone knows I was the one who started it, though.

Okay, okay, okay. Everyone shut up!!! I just posted it! Now we just wait for the praise — and of course, a real difference — to roll on in. Story replies with the fire emoji are highly appreciated (to show solidarity for the California wildfires, obviously).