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Brooke O'Harra To Join Chris Wallace In Moderator Support Group


Brooke O'Harra is reportedly joining Chris Wallace in a moderator support group after doing a Q&A with John Mulaney for a SPEC event last night. 

"It was just so difficult," said O'Harra in an interview with UTB. "There were questions in the chat, then there were questions in the Zoom Q&A function and even more on a physical sheet of paper. I mean, how could anyone be expected to balance those?"

O'Harra received heavy criticism in the Zoom chat for asking Mulaney, a stand-up comedian, and actor, about investment banking and consulting. She also reportedly only smiled 6 times throughout the entire call, causing students to call her "sus" in that chat

"When the whole world is watching, there's a lot of pressure. I struggle with asking the right questions too," said Wallace, sympathetic. "Luckily, the white men we've both had the honor of asking questions to usually ramble on a bit... but still, it's not easy."

Wallace told UTB he reached out after the Q&A to tell O'Harra about MSG (the Moderator Support Group). "It's really been my saving grace these past couple weeks," said Wallace. 

O'Harra said she will be attending next Thursday's meeting, which will be held at the Mask and Mittens Clubhouse*.

*may conflict with cult meeting