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Separate Town Halls Brings Nostalgia of Christmas for Child of Divorce


Photos From Flicker with edits by Julia Ellis | CC BY-NC 2.0

As the leaves turn brilliant shades of yellow and red and the smell of baked goods fill the air, children of divorce are reminded of the trials and tribulations of being auctioned off for the holidays--memories only furthered by this election year. The bribes, the desperation, and the pettiness leading up to Christmas day bring a sort of nostalgia to children to divorce when faced with the choice of two separate presidential town halls. And the choice of who’s town hall to watch was one of the more important choices of the week. 

We all know what to expect of the Trump town hall. Children of divorce expected him to play the rule of their wife-abusing father that’s alcoholism and ever present anger management issues forced the marital trouble in the first place. Even his new trophy wife played the classic yet overrated role of the Stepmother Bitch Who Hates Christmas and Puppies. However, everyone knows that that’s where all the action was.

Joe Biden probably plays the role of the forgetful mother long beaten down by the hardships and tragedy of their life. Perhaps a little boring, but generally more tolerable, we all generally expected him to behave as he should, and perhaps he would've even condemned white supremacy if asked. Although as we all well know, the holidays are a stressful time that rarely meet expectations.

I can confidently say that, just like Christmas, both town halls were a let down