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Anonymous Poet Wins Professor of the Year Award


Photos and screenshots (with edits) by Ian Ong / The Daily Pennsylvanian, Andrea Piacquadio / CC0, and OpenClipart / CC0

Heroic! In an astounding statement, the university has awarded the heralded “Professor of the Year Award” to none other than Anonymous Poet from Piazza. This enigmatic mystery man has answered a whopping four questions on his ECON 101 Piazza board since early September.

“Who is he?” queried Angelica Simons, eyes glimmering with infatuation. “I… need to meet him, he’s done so much for me, and his replies are so… captivating.”

Simons remembers fondly her first interaction with Anonymous Poet when she created a post asking for help understanding the difference between deadweight loss and subsidies. Anonymous Poet, ink quill in hand, quickly responded with the first of many thoughtful remarks: “I don’t know man, I’m kinda confused too lol.” This insightful gem received numerous “thanks!” reacts, and even one endorsement from the instructor. 

That was merely the beginning of the life-changing advice that Anonymous Poet divulged with the good people on the ECON 101 Piazza.

However, not everyone is convinced of Anonymous Poet’s greatness. Brian DeLoera shared his choice words as the ECON 101 TA.

“Who does that guy even think he is?” DeLoera fumed. “Alright, maybe I DIDN’T know the difference between deadweight loss and subsidies, but like, who even cares? This is economics, not like philosophilisizing class man, like what the hell dude.”

Despite Anonymous Poet’s disbelievers, his followers are convinced that his Piazza responses were not only illuminating of the class material, but also life-saving. In honor of his timeless contributions to his Piazza board, the Professor of the Year award commemorated what was possibly his most poignant post during his career: “yeah, this amount of work is honestly a little ridiculous, like how are we even supposed to do all this? Honestly I’m not even doing the p-sets anymore.”