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Blast From the Past: Here Are Four Genuine Smiles From People Who Are Intrinsically Satisfied with Life


Photos by Piqsels / CC0, Anna Langova / CC0, Areous Ahmad / CC0, Martin Péchy / CC0

Wowza! Does anyone else remember this? Without further ado, here are four bonafide smiles from people who are free from the crushing despair of our modern era! Let’s do this:



Yeehaw, partner! That’s a grade-A grin if I’ve ever seen one, and that’s coming from an expert like me who had to fake one for customers everyday when I worked in retail. God, I hated that place… 

Anyways, doesn’t this pic make you want to go outside and feel the natural light on your atrophied, withered retinas? I know that’s how I feel!



This one is from 2015. Remember 2015? Hamilton? Hotline Bling? When you still had a reason to feel genuine happiness? The year before that kid from social studies stole your state quarter collection while he was at your house and blew all of them on scratch tickets? I can forgive, but I will never forget, Justin.



Blimey! Who let the Cheshire Cat in here? I can hardly believe my eyes — this girl’s smiling like she’s a living, breathing human being with actual dreams and aspirations! Just take one look, and it’s obvious: this young lady has yet to succumb to the impenetrable darkness which resides within all of us.

Damn, those pearly whites are brighter than my future, and that’s taking into account all the light pollution that makes it impossible for me to get a full night’s worth of sleep. Haha!



Last, but not least: here’s a smile that positively screams “I am a well-adjusted guy with a clear-cut purpose in life!” Doesn’t this make you pine for the days when the fire of youth still burned hotly inside your soul? Or is it just me? Ah, what an innocent, rambunctious smile…

Take it from me, kid. Don’t invest in JCPenney.