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In Bid for Greater Gender Inclusivity, Amy Gutmann Announces New Set of STEM Courses “for Girls"


Photo by mauriciodonascimento / CC0

The intense disruption brought to the classroom this semester by the novel coronavirus has presented educators with areas of opportunity for lasting positive change. Eyeing the gender disparity that continues to plague STEM fields, President Amy Gutmann has announced a sweeping set of changes to the university’s traditionally male-dominated fields. Among these changes, Penn plans to introduce a new set of introductory STEM courses aimed at a predominantly female audience. 

Sources close to the administration have been reticent about what these classes will look like and what their curricula will include. However, the messaging has otherwise been consistent: math, science, and engineering courses will return with a new feminine feel. 

Next spring, for example, the women of Penn’s undergraduate body may have the opportunity to take “Psychology for Girls,” providing a comprehensive overview of topics ranging from “how to get boys to like me” to “hysteria.” 

Noted feminist academics have applauded the university’s move but maintained it is still their prerogative to make these fields more welcoming to women. Their suggestions include pink notebooks for every student with pretty pictures of flowers embroidered on their cover.