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Mindy's Pod Is The Exact Amount Of People Who Were At The Late Night She Went To!


After hearing whispers of a sizable late night on Friday evening, UTB decided to chat with one of the attendees, Mindy Trenton (E ‘23) about her perspective on partying during a pandemic. While UTB initially thought this event had people from various different social circles, Mindy said the contrary. 

“So everyone there was actually in my pod,” says Mindy. When asked if she could say the precise number of people in attendance and/or name them all, she replied, “well, I can’t really say for certain. People were coming and going--but of course, everyone who came or went was someone in my pod. And I mean some people brought friends, obviously--but their friends are also in my pod! No worries.” 

While the CDC defines a social pod as a group of about 10 people, Mindy thinks that pod ten times the size is perfectly reasonable, since they’re “probably being ten times as safe!” When prompted what exact measures she was taking to stay “ten times as safe,” she said she wears a mask most times (unless she’s dining inside at a restaurant) and has gotten COVID tested “at least twice this semester.” 

“And our pod--the hundred of us, or so--we really only see each other,” says Mindy. “And of course our significant others, people from our sororities or fraternities, and these guys I know from Temple. Honestly, we couldn’t be safer.”