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Professor Assigns So Much Work Wallowing in Sorrow Cut From 2 Hours to 30 Minutes


Photo by PxHere | C00

Virtual classes have been eating into student’s “Me Time” as professors expect more and more from us, and frankly I am fed up. When it was just the class and the homework, I could still find a good 2 hour window to lay on my floor alone with the lights off and wallow in my sorrow. But my professors have recently been cutting into that time more and more, to the point that I may not have any time tonight to contemplate my existence while listening to Frank Ocean. Even if I manage to reschedule some meetings, the best I can do is 30 minutes of uninterrupted sorrow. 

Just last week, instead of having time for a mental breakdown, I had to slowly lose my shit while still doing my finance studying. I wasn’t able to effectively lose my shit or study, it was a waste of time on both ends. Now, with multiple midterms coming up, instead of being able to drink alone and reminisce on how lonely I am a little every night, I will have to simply completely black out and cry for 6 hours straight on Sunday like repaying a sleep debt. 

I am a simple person and I do not demand or expect much, but next time I have to turn my video off to cry during class instead of having time to cry peacefully by myself, I will write a strongly worded email to my professors.