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Student Contemplates Homicide Against Friend Who Is “Finished With Midterms”


Image by Pixabay | Free for commercial use

We all have that one friend who needs to tell us that they are “finally able to relax until finals” because they finished their very last midterm for the semester. They always seem to take less than 4 exams over the course of 3 weeks and are then completely exhausted when  it is all said and done. The lazy bastard only studied the day of the test and never seemed to be bothered with actually paying attention during any of their classes. While it is unclear whether they actually do well on their exams, they still have the audacity to rub it in their friends' faces that they are done, while not being bothered to put any effort into classes at all. Of course they always seem to be Wharton students while the people in real classes slave away with test after test. Thankfully Wharton caters to their dumb and lazy student body by understanding their weak frame can only handle so many exams in one semester.

The friends that have to see them sleeping late and going out every weekend get more and more fed up, until sometimes they get a little homicidal. They don’t take joy in their death, more the perpetual silence it brings. It never gets to the point where they actually plan to kill them, just to the point that the asshole’s misfortune makes them smile. Isn’t that the beauty of friendship after all?