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Sarah Traveled for Thanksgiving, Don’t Worry Everyone Was Totally Masked up the Entire Time


Photo by terren in Virginia / CC BY 2.0

There's no doubt that Thanksgiving looked a little different for most people this year. Some decided not to travel for Thanksgiving and others were explicitly told they were not allowed to invite friends and family into their private homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, some others, like Wharton Sophomore, Sarah Brown, dared to travel in order to spend Thanksgiving with family. 

"I was nervous to tell people about it at first, " explained Sarah. "I started by telling people I wasn't sure if I had Thanksgiving plans or not." As the day neared closer, Sarah's anxiety about telling people she would be traveling for Thanksgiving grew. She was worried that people would gossip, ostracize her, then promptly vote her off the island. More than anything, she was dreading having to ask a neighbor to look after her cat for her overnight trip to her Aunt's house.

A few days before the trip, Sarah decided to make the big ask. "I'm driving to my Aunt's house, which is only three hours away, and we aren't going to stop at all, like even for gas or to use the bathroom, I mean if we broke down we would literally walk the rest of the way even if it was hundreds of miles and it's not like we're flying or anything, of course, and no one has even been exposed to COVID and I've been wearing bubble wrap the entire time so I'm totally safe and I mean we're all going to be staying social distanced and wearing masks the entire time, so like it will be COVID safe."  

In response Sarah's neighbor, Sam Jones responded, "Okay, cool." Sarah was taken aback. A simple yes? No interrogation as to where she was going? No request to see the list of COVID safety measures that was in her back pocket? No lecture about how she shouldn't travel? What did she do wrong?

With horror, Sarah then realized she was so caught up in justifying her trip that she had forgotten to ask her question. "I was hoping you could take care of Mr. Whiskers when I'm gone on Thursday. I'll leave the food out and it will be super easy." In response, Jones stated, "Yeah, just text me what I need to know."