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Dean Furda's Spirit Emerges As Student Repeatedly Chants “Interdisciplinary” Into Mirror


Graphic by Sam Sedor / The Daily Pennsylvanian

As members of Penn’s Class of 2025 finished their Early Decision applications on Halloween, some students reported seeing supernatural sightings as they tried to submit.

Legha Si, (prospective C '25, W '25, Eng '25, MD '28, MBA '31), told UTB that she wants to attend Penn for the “interdisciplinary curriculum.” In fact, she offered to read us her supplemental essays, in which we counted an impressive 69 mentions of the word “interdisciplinary.” Before we knew it, the lights flickered, curtains billowed, and a faint “Hurrah, hurrah, Pennsylvan-i-a” wailed in the distance. 

“That’s when he appeared in my bathroom mirror,” Legha whispered. “I first saw his signature soft smile, and I thought to myself, ‘It couldn’t be… He couldn’t be back!’ But then I saw his red and blue striped tie, and I knew that I had successfully awakened Dean Furda from his slumber.”

Legha admitted that she was a bit intimidated by the spirit of Penn’s ex-Supreme Leader, but that mirror-Furda ultimately offered her some kind advice: “He kept chanting, ‘Under Penn’s one-school policy, you can take classes across the four schools. Especially Wharton, because that’s the one that really matters,’ and also, ‘the next four years will be the best of your life.’ Yet, before I could ask him to chance me for Penn, he began to yell something about how ‘Eagles were finally f*cking winning.’ And just like that, he disintegrated into the wind, likely to restore order elsewhere, leaving Penn students everywhere longing for his return once again.”