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Top Priority for Diversity and Inclusion Board: Defund PPD, Invest in Straight Grindr


Photo By Simon Oros

Across 12 Schools, more than 25,000 students, and more than 4,000 faculty members, Penn pledges to become one university: a wide-ranging, ever-changing community that draws its strength from a multitude sexual orientations. 

The newly implemented Diversity and Inclusion Board (DIB) has taken bold steps to bring Penn at the forefront of the fight against systematic inequality. In light of recent events, DIB has been granted the necessary power to adjust budgeting in many of Penn’s sectors. Within a week of its creation, DIB has announced their first financial initiative that will be implemented in the Spring of 2020.

“Equality cannot be achieved without intersectionality across gender orientation and race. As such, we have taken into consideration the requests and demands of various student groups on campus when coming to this decision. We hear the demands of Police Free Penn. We also hear the demands of straight men. Straight men have had far too few opportunities to send unsolicited pictures. This must change.”

The budget for Penn’s Police Department will be reduced considerably for the spring of 2020 - all divestment will be reinvested in the creation of new technologies that promote equality between students and faculty of different sexual orientation.

Top Penn researchers across fields such as artificial Intelligence, computer-human interface and data science are brought together to create a dating app that fights systematic inequality. 

“The dating app will bring share all of the wonderful features of Grindr that have been exclusive to LGBTQ+ individuals for so long. Plans for development include neural networking image recognition that filters out users that look too homosexual, ensuring this app is a safe space for normal people.”

The app is set to release in the Summer of 2021.