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International MGMT Group Member Still Confuses Peru, Maine and Peru, South America


Photos from Pixabay, Flickr and Wiki Commons (with edits by Julia Ellis) | CC BY-SA 2.0 and CC0

It feels like everyone has awful stories about those one or two group members that never do any work, but after International Management Group 33 met Tasha, they longed for someone who would just sit back and blow off the whole project. Tasha had the unique talent to go above and beyond in her slacking, actively sabotaging the project at every turn. When the group originally met to choose a topic, Group 33 was naïve and hopeful when Tasha suggested writing about a business expanding to Peru. Once it became way too late to change the topic, Group 33 discovered that Peru referenced a town in Maine, not the actual country. Group 33 was baffled at the sheer ability to make a mistake that brainless, especially considering the first line of the article she cited was “Our company is launching to Peru, Maine (not to be confused with the country Peru for you special dumbasses)!”

Group 33 aged decades in the days that followed. Tasha broke their souls at every turn, to the point that she began to haunt their dreams. It was unclear how someone could attend Penn without being able to read at a 4th grade level, but they reached a point where it was better to face reality head-on than imagine how a benevolent God could let them face this battle. They knew that listening to this blithering idiot was one of the many regrets they would speak of on their deathbed. 

When asked to comment, Group 33 told UTB, “My own struggles have left me numb. I no longer care about my mortal soul or body, I only wish to warn others of that dumbass Tasha. If anyone else is cursed enough to be paired with her, feed her alphabet soup in hopes that she can shit out some reading comprehension.”