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Student Combines Everyone's Canvas Discussion Comments Into One Ultimate Comment At the Last Minute


Photo by Claire Cao / The Daily Pennsylvanian


Student: Finn Ness

Posted on: Sunday at 11:59 pm

Hi everyone, I totally agree that this was a very crazy week because of the election. The reading said that Joe Biden ran against Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election. I totally agree with that statement.

On one hand, I totally agree with Becky’s comment that Biden rightfully won, and I think she stated it perfectly when she said that Kamala is a #girlboss. I agree that the Electoral College is a perfect indicator that the American people have spoken! However, I also totally agree with Brad’s comment that Trump was the rightful winner. He presented a challenging rebuttal when he said that Sleepy Joe and Copmala will enforce socialism and mandate abortion for all Americans. I also totally agree that we should STOP THE COUNT!

Both sides presented very compelling points. I totally agree.