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Comeback Kid! Depression Returns as Classes Resume


Photo (with edits) by peretzp / CC BY-SA 2.0

After spending the fall semester at home, students returned to campus eager to have a somewhat "normal" spring experience. Little did they know just how normal it would be. Within minutes of setting foot on campus, students reported feeling sadness, anger, loss of interest and/or pleasure in most normal activities, anxiety, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, and slowed thinking.

"I was so excited to come back to campus," explained junior Alyssa Wu "but now I'm suddenly really sad for no real reason. I think I'm going to set up a CAPS appointment...I think that would be best." As it turned out, Alyssa was not alone in seeking help from CAPS. In fact, so many people were trying to book appointments that the website crashed. CAPS has yet to fix the problem.

Some students, desperate to talk through the ultimate comeback kid's latest return, went directly to the CAPS building. Unfortunately, upon arrival, they were informed that CAPS was only treating those who were "actually sick," and that they needed to have a red Penn Open Pass to enter. 

As demand grew, CAPS knew they had to take action. In the latest school email, CAPS announced that it had just hired a therapy horse to help students "calm down and be okay now." UTB called CAPS to get an interview, but the phone lines were busy. Instead, we were referred to the less frequented, but supposedly helpful office of the Chaplin.

After talking about the weather and why I should consider Christianity, the topic shifted to students' struggles getting help at Weingarten and at CAPS. "Any word on when CAPS appointment slots will open up?" I asked "Well, funny enough since the CAPS website went down, they haven't had any appointments scheduled. It seems that maybe students don't even need CAPS. The Lord must be blessing our students with health and success. You kids you think you have "depression" just need to remember, that when things seem hard the Lord always provides."