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Op-Ed: Stop COVID Vaccinations and Let Us Die as the Lord Intended


Photos (with edits) by jody.claborn / CC PDM 1.0,  NIAID / CC BY 2.0

After months of hearing the news say "COVID bad," I think it's time for us to go back to normal life. I understand that people are sick and some are dying, but it's time for us to realize that this illness is a plague sent from the Lord designed to kill off the sinners and we should not interfere.

A modern AIDS epidemic, this virus attacks the weak and/or the old. Many of these people are so-called "atheists." That was strike one. Then, God literally gave these people a warning by giving them a pre-existing condition. That was strike two. They still didn't repent (if you embrace Jesus, he will cure your asthma). God forgives, but sometimes enough is enough and there's no alternative beyond sending a plague to smite the blasphemers. 

Those who aren't sick, are usually old people. Coincidence? Have you met many old people? Some are delightful, but others are cranky and mean, most definitely not very Christian. I'm confident that these are the old people actually dying of COVID.

Every now and then I hear the classic, "why does God let bad things happen to good people?" debate. This is a classic blunder seeing as God never gives us more than we can handle. But beyond this, these people rarely consider the Divine Truth that God is pulling the strings, not merely letting bad things happen but CAUSING them. 

God promised not to send another flood, but viruses are not off the table. We need to look at the science and understand the Truth. The Lord is purging the non-devout and we should not obstruct His plan through the use of vaccines. "Modern medicine" is not natural and should be avoided. As the Bible says, the Lord will provide, and I truly believe that. That's why we shouldn't be wearing masks, social distancing, or vaccinating ourselves. If you repent and pray extra hard, you will be saved.