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If God Is Dead Then Who’s Been Touching Me Every Night for the Past Two Weeks


Photo by Scott Newman / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Amidst the apocalyptic uncertainty of 2020, many have found themselves turning to God for some semblance of meaning. Standing in opposition to the materialist-rationalist conception of the world which has come to dominate our intellectual lives, some say no! God is not dead! 

To those who insist religion is obsolete, I have one simple response: if our world is not subject to divine enchantment, then who’s been caressing my body every night around midnight? I close my laptop, turn off my lights, and snuggle under the covers awaiting peaceful slumber. Yet, as I begin to doze off, I feel a light touch on my lower back. You’re telling me this isn’t a message sent from above? 

As a devout, pious individual, I know that God would want to signal his love for me. The ethereal touch of some divine messenger feels icy yet welcoming, like a light breeze entering an otherwise warm room. I hear some rustling behind me, but my eyes remain shut because I know He is in my presence. The door creaks shut and I know I am safe with God on my side

Take up arms against the false gods of Science and Reason and be confident that God will reward you for your efforts. He might even brush up against you, enchanting the dreams in which you will soon be enveloped.