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Meet the Three People from the Class of 2025 Who Aren’t College YouTubers

Photo by Liwa Sun / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Here come the baby Quakers! With half of them newly admitted through Early Decision and the other half incoming in the next months through Regular Decision, we here at Under the Button are so excited to welcome them to the Penn community.

Admitted students hail from 56 countries and 43 states, as well as Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, and Guam. Thirteen percent of the accepted ED students are international. Of those who are American citizens or permanent residents, 50% identify as students of color. Twelve percent are first-generation college students. Among these, we have successfully identified three students who are not college YouTubers. 

Under the Button spoke with these three members of the Class of 2025, each of whom will pursue a variety of programs, about their interests in Penn and the glaring lack of YouTube college content creation from their lives.

Incoming College first-year Sophia D’Amato hails from south central New Jersey. Despite being brunette and half-Italianx, she is not a college YouTuber. “I do have a composite SAT score of 1540 and an unweighted GPA of 3.89, but I just never felt the urge to film myself enumerating them,” D’Amato explained. An avid Netflix enjoyer and a potential Communications major, D’Amato hopes to rush a sorority “when everything returns to normal” and join clubs like Wharton Undergraduate Consulting Club and become an Op-Ed writer for The Daily Pennsylvanian

Meet Vikram Delaney: he is thrilled to join the VIPER program. He describes himself as a boba enthusiast from the Bay Area. “When I opened the decision portal when it came out, the thought of filming my reaction never crossed my mind,” said Delaney. He is passionate about solving problems and combining the liberal arts education with scientific research projects. Strange enough, he has never filmed a time-lapse video of himself spending hours coding in front of the computer. He hopes to explore the Philly food scene and looks forward to making new friends. You can always “hit him up with recommendations for boba places.”

Incoming College and Wharton student Madison Ma cannot wait to be a part of the Huntsman program. In her free time, this Hawaiian native enjoys swimming and cooking. Despite consuming poke bowls on a regular basis, she has never taken advantage of the boomerang effect on Instagram story to film her diet. Ma cannot wait to go on Wawa runs at 1 A.M. with her new friends. “I’ve never taken a second look at my application essays after turning them in,” Ma explained, “let alone reading them aloud to a camera and analyzing them.”