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BREAKING: If Wendell Pritchett Sees His Shadow, We Get Vaccines Before May


Photos (with edits) by Doug Kerr / CC BY-SA 2.0, Penn Law

At some point between now and some time that isn’t now, Punxsutawney Pritchett will emerge from his hallowed home and determine whether or not he is able to see his shadow. The ruling could not come at a more critical time, as it will decide whether Penn students will receive vaccinations this spring.  

Pritchett's ocular observances have had a long history of determining outcomes of University life. In 2018, Pritchett saw his shadow, so CupcakKe was hired to headline fling. Last year, when he didn’t see his shadow, he announced that all students should rapidly abandon campus and finish the semester online.

Most of the year Punxsutawney Pritchett remains inside his log, only emerging to take note of his shadow and send the most essential of emails and … um … honestly not sure what else he does …

Wharton senior Elton Chost is really looking forward to the shadow revelation ceremony. “It makes me feel better knowing the odds of him seeing it are 50-50 right now,” said Chost, “I’m just so glad it officially, concretely, definitely either will or won’t happen!”