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Penn Sophomore Experience: Tied Up at the Bottom of NCH West, Eating Dog Shit


Photo by kalhh / CC by 2.0

Following the recent announcement to require all sophomores to be on a dining plan, Penn has elaborated on its plan to enhance Penn's Second Year Experience program. In order to build community around shared meals and combat food insecurity, sophomores will now be locked up at the very bottom of New College House West, eating dog shit.

Wendell Pritchett and Executive Vice President Craig Carnaroli wrote in an email on Tuesday that the change is meant to reflect Penn’s commitment to community, emphasizing that a shared meal can go a long way. 

“Honestly, imagine this. You’re in the depths of New College House West. You haven’t seen sunlight in days, maybe weeks. Now, barely edible dog food is being thrown at you. You might have to compete for a meal. But at the end of the day, it’s an experience like no other, meant to bring you closer to your classmates. That is, if they are able to survive,” writes Wendell Pritchett.

In response to Penn’s commitment to fighting food insecurity, Amy Gutmann emphasized, “We plan on taking on food insecurity by forcing the sophomore class to battle for their food and survival, essentially placing them on an even playing field.”

By essentially forcing sophomore students to compete for meals and fight each other for survival within the pits of NCH West, Penn hopes to build a community like no other. A community built on friendship, love, and survival of the fittest.