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Exclusive Hot Bitch Location: The High Rise Stairwells


Want to look like the most exclusive, hottest bitches in Philadelphia? Under the Button did all the hard work for you and found where they like to hang out. Trust us — if you hang around these places long enough, you’ll feel yourself getting sexier.

High rise stairwells

  • Look at your fine ass trying to reach your little step count for the day. Are you breathing heavily through your nose because you’re out of breath, but don’t want to admit you’re so out of shape that you can’t climb six flights of stairs? Hot bitches are weak. 

The forbidden top floor of Huntsman Hall

  • If you’re not supposed to go up there, then why do the elevators let you off? 

The 10th floor of the Acme parking lot

  • Sexy bitches take pictures here at golden hour. It’s the perfect spot for broke bitches to make TikToks and for you to pretend to be an influencer, if you can stand the weird stares you get from the people getting in their cars.

The bottom of the Bio Pond

  • Hot bitches go for swims in ponds. We don’t make the rules.  


  • Everyone knows the hottest bitches don’t actually go to Penn. It’s probably not too late to transfer.