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How the Bridge to 1920 Commons Inspired Miley’s Hit Single "The Climb"


Photo by Meresa García // The Daily Pennsylvanian 

The former Disney child star looked at the bridge to 1920 Commons and remembered her great struggle she faced so many years ago … 

My legs burned and my back ached. I gasped and wheezed with each step. Is it worth it? I asked myself as I felt beads of sweat pooling around my forehead. Maybe I should quit. I wanted to. Desperately. 

But then, I saw it! There it was! Just mere cobblestones away: Commons. 

During her exclusive Under the Button interview, Miley Cyrus shared the above excerpt from her personal diary, where she recounted the trials and tribulations that she — along with many of her fans — experienced as she traversed the steep face of the bridge outside Commons. 

“There were many times where I felt like I was losing,” related the country-pop artist, “But I told myself that these are the moments I’m going to remember. That’s why I gotta keep pushing.” 

The uphill Commons battle inspired the young artist to write her hit single “The Climb,” which would go on to touch the hearts of many Penn students years after its initial 2009 release. The song continues to encourage her fans to believe that they too are strong enough to take on the bridge. At times, the hike for the high rise field or the run towards the compass seems like a colossal feat. In fact, many have succumbed to their aching leg pains and failed to ever reach the bridge’s halfway point, let alone its top. 

But with Cyrus’ lyrics blasting through their AirPods, students manage to keep their head held high, knowing that it isn’t how fast they get there, or what may even be on the other side — it’s all about the climb.