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30x30: 30 Hits for 30 Days


Photo by Meresa García // The Daily Pennsylvanian

Hosted by Penn Sustainability and Human Resources, the 30x30 Challenge was started to encourage Penn students and faculty to go outdoors, get high, and enjoy the beautiful wonders of campus. 

The wellness initiative aims to decrease stress and anxiety during these trying times. Penn Sustainability and Human Resources only request students remain in their pods when engaging in weed circles as this is the safest way to adhere to COVID guidelines. 

Many students have already partaken in the socially distanced activity and agree that getting blazed has helped them leave their dorms, sit under the spring sun, and take a mental break from Zoom University. 

“Yeah, it’s great to … um … be out, you know, with like people,” commented Engineering Senior Troy Marcus about his experience with the 30x30 challenge, “And, um, hahahahaha … ” 

Penn Sustainability and Human Resources recommend High Rise Field, the BioPond, Cira Green, Clark Park, and College Green as the best locations to smoke weed because these spots offer enough ventilation for friend groups and have the prettiest views around campus. 

“We just want people to relax,” explained the Penn Sustainability Director as she handed out joints to students on Locust Walk, “And to show that Penn really does care about their mental health. It’s been a tough year, so what better way to take a load off and just check out for a bit than to smoke a doobie.”