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The Week in Review: A Few TV Shows Came Back, It Rained Twice, I Saw a Dog


Photo by Terry Kearney / CC BY-NC 2.0

This was a busy week on campus. The engagement day allowed students to enjoy life to the fullest, and boy, did I enjoy life. This week, I watched two whole seasons of shows that I regret ever getting invested in, stared out the window at the rain as I blasted Hilary Duff and felt deep ennui, and even saw a dog. 

First, in television news, a show that I thought was Rick and Morty but didn’t recognize any characters from dropped a new season. It was pretty good. Also a show that I could have sworn was The Office except for some reason was set at Walmart finished up its final season. This, too, was pretty good. 

In more gripping news, it rained twice. The first was a gentle, eerie mist that made me want to encounter a friend I had been led to believe had died and to solve the mystery of why they faked their own death. I didn’t do either of those things, but it certainly made me ponder my own existence. The second rainstorm was a dark, dreary day as if dementors were seeking the soul of an innocent man. I made hot chocolate to fight their effects. I recommend everyone do the same should another rainstorm of the like occur. Let us all hope it does not. 

And in the most exciting news so far, I saw a dog. It was a small, yappy dog, a symbol of humanity’s bastardization of its noble wolf ancestors, but seeing any dog is a blessing. An annoying little dog is still better than no dog, but just barely

Coming up next week, more TV will be watched, a mixture of sunny and rainy days will sweep the city, and if we’re all very lucky, we may see even more dogs. Stay tuned, and thank you for tuning into UTB for your weekly news. We should all be very pleased with the directions our lives are taking.