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Cool! Second Year Orientation Just Safe Sex Puppet Show


Photo by quinn.anya / CC BY-SA 2.0

While all students are excited to return to campus, this year's freshmen and sophomores are especially eager to experience their first semester of college life. 

As Penn starts gearing up for the fall, sophomores are nervous that without some sort of campus orientation, they would struggle to make lasting friendships that NSO so frequently produces. 

Fortunately, Penn has announced the creation of its Second Year Orientation program (SYO). After a lot of hype, Penn released the list of SYO activities — well, activity — for Fall 2021: a safe sex puppet show. The description reads: "Join Mr. Tickles and his sock puppet friends in 90 minutes of fun-filled education as they explore the importance of birth control, abstinence, and PrEP. In addition, students will learn about consent, STDs, and the sexual health services provided by Penn's campus health department!"

Held from 8:30 pm-10:00 pm on the first Friday Night of NSO, this mandatory event will be a crowd favorite. Wharton second-year and notable virgin, Matthew Yu, reported, "People have really been hating on the SYO puppet show, but personally, I could use the education. I mean... some people could use the education. Me? Yeah, I know all about sex — my education comes from the streets and your bed."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Penn Specialty Anime Club endorsed the puppet show, posting a bad meme with the caption, "Penn: holds safe sex puppet show, Me: *Image of Naruto running to get a front-row seat*" on their Instagram. The post immediately became their most popular with four likes and a single comment from the user "Weeb-chan" saying, "See you there!!" 

Despite the students' complaints, UTB would like to commend Penn for their dedication to the sophomore class and wish Mr. Tickles and his crew the best of luck on their upcoming first performance.