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Here’s Why I Endorsed My Pledgemaster for Management on LinkedIn

Photo by Bubley, Esther / Public Domain

Delilah Khrushchev (C’21) was my pledgemaster when I pledged my sorority last spring. She pledged me and mastered me during our new member education. Needless to say, I was proper pledged and mastered. I participated in events and activities with my pledge class in which we learned the history and traditions of our sorority and got to know the sisters. During the 12-week intensive process, we did activities such as coloring picture books in candlelight, camping retreat, and even brunches. I felt a sisterly bond I’ve never felt before anywhere else. By the time I was initiated (the initiation was just a lovely, lovely time), I felt so welcomed into the sorority – it felt as if I have always been part of this. I have no one to thank but Delilah. As our pledgemaster, she put together all the events and managed all of us in such a beautiful way. This is why I am going to endorse her for management in LinkedIn. Delilah, you deserve it!