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Op-Ed: You Heard So Much About Me? All Good Things I Hope, Haha

Photo by Dakiny / CC By 2.0

Hey! Yeah, so nice to meet you as well, haha, I love your outfit!

Oh, you got it from Urban? Called it. Love that store.

Yeah, of course, clearance rack only.

Oh, my name again? No worries, it’s Liwa. Most people can’t pronounce it. Lee-Wah.

What did you say? You heard so much about me? LOL, from whom???? Just kidding, haha.

All good things, I hope!! Haha.

Yeah, for sure, let’s get dinner. Oh wait, actually, dinner is no good for the next two weeks. How about lunch? Monday lunch? Doesn’t work for you? Tuesday I have class… Wednesday? Sorry, nevermind, just told someone else I was gonna get lunch with them on Wednesday. Thursday I have a doctor’s appointment. Friday maybe? Yeah, for sure, let me know. Just text me!

So nice to meet you! Have fun!!!