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Gutmann Shopping for Oktoberfest Outfit: 'Which Sexy Lederhosen Is Most Professional?'


Photo by Margarita Matta / The Daily Pennsylvanian

It was a sight to see Monday afternoon after Amy Gutmann was spotted entering Spirit Halloween in Center City. Sources say she was shopping for an outfit for the popular German beer festival, "Oktoberfest." Gutmann, the University's current president, was recently appointed as the next United States ambassador to Germany, an honorable and esteemed position. In an effort to participate in German cultural practices, she will be attending Oktoberfest in Munich this coming fall. The festival is infamous for its long-standing tradition of partying and beer drinking, and this will actually be Gutmann’s 12th time in attendance. She is a self-proclaimed “beer aficionado” and has recently created a craft brew fittingly called "Beerjamin Franklin." These beers were sent in the Class of 2025 welcome packages and students were overwhelmed with appreciation.

After entering Spirit Halloween, Gutmann was quoted as asking store manager Joseph Kelly for the most appropriate traditional Lederhosen attire that would make her look “professional and honorable, but with an ass that just don’t quit."

After trying on several options from Spirit Halloween’s coveted "sexy professional” section on aisle 23, Gutmann settled on a few of her personal favorites for the week-long festival. She was also seen experimenting with sexy nurse and sexy Benjamin Franklin costumes. Gutmann already has an expansive collection of over 35 sexy lederhosen costumes and is certainly happy with her new additions, sources say. 

Gutmann is such an inspiring case of leadership, and she has certainly taught Penn students a lesson in regards to exposing themselves to new cultures and environments. So, to all of the pre-med students dressing as slutty nurses, art history majors sporting sexy Bob Ross costumes, and Wharton girls dressing as literally any slutty character from The Wolf of Wall Street, we salute you and your loyal commitment to the values of our president, Amy Gutmann.