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How to Perfect Your Spook-tacular Amy Gutmann Halloween Costume


Photo (with edits) by PublicDomainPicture // CC By 2.0 // Courtesy of the Office of the President 

Halloween is a time for all Quakers to get their spook and spectacular on. For years the holiday has been a time for students to get creative with outfits for the neighborhood Halloweekend parties. There are all sorts of costumes that one could wear for October 31st… the clever, the extraordinaire, the revealing, and the themed and spirited. And this year, Under the Button thinks there’s nothing better than to get into the spirit… the Penn spirit that is.

Have you ever thought about dressing up as a Penn icon? Look no further as UTB is here to help you pull it off. No, we are not referring to icons like Benjamin Franklin or Dean Furda. No. No. No. We are talking about dressing up as everyone’s favorite school president, Amy Gutmann. Here are a few tips to perfect this...

The Look: Print a big ole Gutmann mask. Find your shiniest blonde wig and most fashionable velvet-iest velvet pantsuit. Basically, be Hillary Clinton. Also, fill you pockets with loads of overflowing money! Finally, you should cross your arms intermittently too for the signature pose… like you had to do it to em.

The Entourage: Make sure to walk around with your interns with their cameras for tons of photo ops for newsletters! Also, maybe have a cut-out or blow-up (like the auto-pilot in Airplane!) of Penn Professor and your very best friend, Joe Biden.

The Performance: To fully encapsulate our president, you have to act like her too with a good impersonation. 

The best way to lock down a Gutmann costume is to spook West Philly residents. Strutting down the streets, checking out exciting future Penn property, being the gentrifying queen you are. Maybe there’s a cool space to build New College House West West? Pennovation! Anytime you speak, you must announce that you are sending a "message to the community".

When With Fellow Penn Students: Show up out of nowhere to parties… maybe socialize and be relatable! Avoid those fossil-free losers and pose with your pet club. After you’re there for a respectable 10 minutes, you can go back to your cozy New York home. :)

When Trick or Treating: If going trick-or-treating instead of partying because you enjoy chocolate more than cheap fratty alcohol (I get it… more joy and less immediate regret since it’s sweater season) remember to use the good ole phrase “Evict or Treat!” when greeting your neighbors. A bit threatening… but kinda realistic!? WARNING: This could result in you receiving rocks- in your candy bag like It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown or… thrown at you).