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BREAKING Report: Huntsman Building Was Shaped to Reinforce Penn’s Phallocentrism


 The White House  has been quick to shut down local ‘skinhead greenie’ Maxine Dickinson this week after her latest occurrence of what they call ‘contagious socialist homo-pedantic abortive radicalism’. 

Ms Dickinson was actually trying to do the same thing in ‘cancelling’ President Richard Richardson who was a ‘central part of the grand educational vision’ of Penn’s Huntsman Building. 

‘It has to be said,” she exclaimed. “We all know how white-washed and male and disgusting institutions like these are. And, *inhales deeply*. Richardson’s big wally of a willy to cover up his attempts to continue this is disgusting.”

What Ms Dickinson is referring to is the, how should we say, cylindrical knob-like erection of the building’s not-very-recent updates. 

“He’s such a tool … what a dong. The root of all …”

Richardson was asked to comment, and in an interview segment straight after an episode of Herman’s Head, he was asked:

“Dick, yes Dick! What do you think about these growing and expanding developments? We could see the blood just rushing from your head when you heard about them. What’s up, Dick?”

“I think that’s the last time that communist will hear that word in a while!” haha chortle

Regardless of which side of the debate you’re on, let us all remember how lucky we are to be learning in such an institution as this, Penn State. Where else would you find such a clear reminder hanging over us that we haven’t got laid?