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Oh Wow! Question Somehow Manages to Fall Below “No Stupid Questions” Threshold

Photo by wavebreakmediamicro // CC by 2.0

It appeared to be impossible, but a recent economics course proved that even the lowest of feats can be within reach.

After the professor clearly stated at the start of the class that “there are no stupid questions” and “every comment has a place in our discussion,” a student managed to ask a question so blatantly stupid, so appallingly obvious, that it fell below both standards, shocking everyone in its presence.

“When I heard him ask the question, I thought there was no way I’d heard what I’d heard,” sophomore Jack Griffin said. “The answer to their question was in all caps on the first page of the syllabus. It’s been mentioned every ten minutes of every lecture. It’s literally tattooed on the professor’s forehead. I don’t get how someone can be so dumb.”

The “no stupid questions” declaration is meant to decrease students’ fear of speaking up in class — a seemingly noble aspiration — but the question that this professor heard is making him reconsider his entire philosophy.

“I thought I wanted students to not be afraid to ask questions and to be inquisitive. Maybe I was wrong,” professor Alex Prescott said. “If I’d known that I had such dipshits in my class, I would’ve blocked off questioning entirely.”

While it may just be an individual occurrence, whether or not this braindead student is going around to all his classes asking shockingly dumb questions remains to be seen.