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Hi Sorry, But Get the Fuck Out of My Booth


Photo by Meresa García // The Daily Pennsylvanian

You know you aren’t supposed to be sitting there. I know you aren’t supposed to be sitting there. Why? Because that’s my booth. My fucking booth. The one I reserved. On LibCal. And yes, the one right next to it is open, but I don’t care. I explicitly reserved VP WIC Booth 12 for me. Nobody else, but me. 

Now I’m going to have go up to you and ask you to leave. I’m going to look like the biggest asshole as I watch you stuff all 4,500 things into your bag and scurry off to find some other free nook to do work. 

Do you know how embarrassing that is? I’m not an asshole. I swear. I’m actually a really nice person. But it’s people like you who don’t follow reservation rules that makes us considerate students seem like total douchebags. God you people annoy me. You think you can just plop all your crap anywhere and nobody will say a thing. 

But you’ve got it all wrong. I will say something. I always do. Why? Because that’s my Booth 12. At least from 8:30pm-11pm. But still. For those two and half hours I have the right to that six person study area

So, hi sorry, but get the fuck out of booth.