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Yikes! Some Girl Commented, 'Photo Credits to Me' Under Your Crush’s Instagram

Photo by JESHOOTS / CC0

You’ve been there. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. You were just doing your usual 2 A.M. round on your crush’s Instagram page and going through the same three photo dumps from this summer when suddenly, you caught a comment from an unfamiliar account that you somehow missed during your daily check-ups on his page.

The comment said, “Photo credits to me." Naturally, the person who wrote this comment and your crush have been engaging in decadent sexual entanglements. Otherwise, why would these two people have existed in the same space at the same time? As if that wasn’t enough, she even went so far as to take a photo of your crush! You clicked into the Instagram page, and it was a private account. Obviously, this girl is hiding the illicit affair that she has been carrying on with your crush from you. What other reasons could there be for her decision to set her page as private? The profile photo is a thin, white, blonde girl and according to the bio, she's a junior at Georgetown University. 

The conspiracy has been unveiled! During the entire time you have been harboring your hopeless crush on this guy (simply the most gorgeous love story of this century), he has been taking the 5:13 P.M. Amtrak to go to D.C. to see this girl and to have hot, hot sex with her behind your back. Yeah, this guy might have been a long-shot crush that you have never spoken to in your life, but that doesn’t make it OK for him to fuck Georgetown Emma without your consent. Total yikes!