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Guest Lecturer Droning On About Same Bullshit As Regular Lecturer


Photo by Christopher Michel / CC 2.0

In a surprising development, the person who was believed to have been tasked with mixing up the tenor of classroom discussion in Econ 311 is droning on about the same bullshit that the usual lecturer drones on about.

A week prior, the professor had announced that he’d be bringing in a guest lecturer to mix up the course structure. Excitement was prevalent in the air, as students eagerly awaited being presented with someone who would be radically different than the lecturer who’d accounted for a whopping 27 hours of their online shopping time.

As the day approached, the class grew more and more excited. Anticipation was the highest it’d been since syllabus day. Would the guest lecturer talk about different stuff? Would they engage the class in a new way?

All hopes were dashed, however, as the guest lecturer entered the room, pulled up their PowerPoint, and started to blab on about the same nonsense that the regular professor talks about.

The unexpected boringness was a massive disappointment to those in attendance who’d been expecting something far more exciting.

“When I heard we would have a guest speaker, my heart soared,” Sophie Greene (C’24) said. “One Econ 311 class without the mindless exhaustion that the regular lecturer caused me. But I was left with the same exhaustion, just this time with my expectations blown up by a grenade of sadness.”

With the guest lecture in the rearview mirror, the students in ECON 311 have transitioned to potentially spiking their professor’s tea with caffeine to make classes a bit more exciting.