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Masturbation Marathon! My Roommate Is in the Shower


Photo by Pexels

I lie across the room, in bed,

As lustful thoughts rush through my head.

My phallic fantasies so clear:

My shirt undone, my legs outspread.

Although I hold my roommate dear,

It’s so much harder when she’s here;

Her presence doth make me denied

Of clit’ral pleasures so sincere.

Hark! The heavens did provide:

She stands, and casts her sheets aside.

Shampoo in hand, her show’r awaits,

And I am left alone inside.

Ten blissful minutes seal my fate;

I fervently self-lubricate.

A breast to stroke, a bean to flick,

I close my eyes. I masturbate.

And O! Although the clock doth tick,

Orgasmic senses reach me quick.

I climax thrice, or maybe four;

I stroke, I knead, I prod, I kick.

Alas! A sound that I abhor:

A nervous knock upon the door.

I sigh, but knoweth, like before:

Abundant pleasures lie in store.