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Thanks Guys! Penn Shortens Thanksgiving Break


Photo (with edits) by Pixabay / CC 2.0

In the past, the length of Penn’s Thanksgiving break has drawn some criticism. In an effort to address these concerns, the administration has announced that they will be cutting Friday out of this year’s break.

Penn announced the change in a university-wide email on Monday: “Many colleges and universities are now giving the entire week off—imagine! Such a waste of time that could be spent doing productive things like learning or justifying our tuition and housing rates.”

Students have already started expressing their gratitude towards the administration’s decision.

“I was planning to fly in on Thursday morning and leave Sunday night, but this makes things so much easier!” says Nick Hugo (W ‘24). “My family is going to eat Thanksgiving dinner at the LAX P.F. Chang’s with me, then I’ll get right back on the plane and head back to Philly that night. Convenient!”

Sev Tomas (N ‘22), says that they’ve been waiting for this change since freshman year. “God, Thursday and Friday? It was just too much time! I don’t know what to do with myself when I’m not at Penn—that’s why I’m submatriculating!”

Many professors have also voiced their gratitude to be gifted yet another day to do what they love. “Penn is my family and my sole purpose in life,” says Dr. Newton of the English Department. “Preparing lectures and grading papers is far more fulfilling than any silly little dinner could ever be.”

Not everyone is happy with this decision, but we couldn’t find anyone to interview because those people left campus days ago.

“We’re just thankful to be so in touch with our students’ and staff’s needs,” concludes the initial announcement. “You’re welcome, everyone.”

Classes Thursday will be asynchronous.