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Breaking: Your Friend Who Keeps Saying “Everyone Needs Therapy” Really Has to Go to Therapy

Photo by Jackson Parli / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Jason Smith (C ‘22) seems to have it all. He’s the president of PAC exec, SMAC exec, Glee Club, ILMUNC, and Social Deduction Club and has jobs lined up at Bain, Paramount Plus, and Goldman Sachs after graduation. Some could say he’s really motivated — others might say it helps distract him from his severely untreated depression and anxiety that he developed in the competitive Penn environment.

When asked about his peers who struggle with mental health, Smith said, “Mental health issues? Sure, lots of people have mental health issues. But don’t make it my problem. I’m very empathetic to issues of mental health, but I don't have time to worry about yours. You should go to therapy! In fact, everyone should go to therapy. Except for me. As you can see, I’m really flourishing under the stress. I work best under pressure! Plus, I don’t have time to go to therapy, I’m in charge of six groups on this campus. No, I can’t say no to things, but is that a problem? I don’t think that’s a problem. I’m just highly motivated. What was I talking about? Oh, therapy. I hear it really works! Not for me though. I don’t need it, I’m fine.”

Smith then ran off to coordinate a BYO for the three groups he is social chair of before crying himself to sleep while watching Survivor.