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UTB Writer Not Funny Anymore After CAPS Therapy Session


Photo by Liwa Sun / The Daily Pennsylvanian 

In a story developing out of University City,  Under the Button staff writer Sharon Brad-Grassley (C ’22) emerged out of her remote Counseling and Psychological Services therapy session completely unfunny.

CAPS at the University of Pennsylvania has been providing extraordinary mental health support for students and community members alike. Especially in these unprecedented times, CAPS is more committed than ever to creating a safe and caring environment for Penn’s diverse student body. 

Brad-Grassley, a pre-med junior who is on the executive board of over 10 clubs, on top of being a staff writer at UTB, is reaching a breaking point, a source close to Brad-Grassley claims. Last Tuesday, after a three-hour lab, Brad-Grassley logged into BlueJeans to join the CAPS therapy session she had scheduled two years ago.

After precisely 45 minutes and not one minute more, Brad-Grassley emerged from her bedroom and reported to her housemate, “I am cured.”

Brad-Grassley proceeded to complete all of her assignments, labs, club responsibilities, graduation requirements, and even her medical school residency. She then started to write her weekly UTB article but realized that she was unable to come up with anything remotely funny.

“It’s almost like being cured of mental illnesses makes you unfunny or something. How am I supposed to joke about being cripplingly depressed, and being pre-med, and Penn’s cutthroat environment anymore?” wondered Sharon Brad-Grassley, M.D.