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Productivity Win! Student Finishes One Third of Assignment and Takes Sexy Mirror Pic


Photo (with edits) by the Daily Pennsylvanian

Slay! Sophie Walsh (C’23) spoke with UTB about her productive study session last Sunday.

“Sundays are usually pretty free for me, so it’s a great time to catch up on work,” she said thoughtfully.  “I have a lot of overdue assignments right now so I knew I had to grind.  I was in a super productive mood, so after typing a couple sentences, I decided to put the computer away and cross something else off my to-do list.”

She went on to explain that she (very productively) took about 72 mirror selfies, 3 of which made the favorites folder.

“I really pride myself on staying focused.  I didn’t even get distracted once while I was taking them,” she went on.

“Sure, homework is ‘important,’ and there are ‘deadlines,’ but sexy mirror pics are timeless.  I won’t have this bod forever!”  We’re proud of you, Sophie.  It’s about celebrating the small victories.