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Justice Served! Penn to Implement “28 Strikes and You’re Out” Policy Towards Racially Insensitive Professors


Photo by Pexels, edits by the Daily Pennsylvanian

Tenured Carey law professor Amy Wax has received multiple complaints after making a series of racist comments beginning as early as 2017. This has sparked outrage amongst those in the Penn community, and a petition calling for her to be fired has accumulated nearly 80,000 signatures.

In response to these demands, the university has announced a new “28 Strikes and You’re Out” policy to ensure the faculty is rid of those who express (a lot of) racial prejudice.

A member of the administration, who wished to remain anonymous, elaborated on this progressive new policy.  “Amy Wax does not represent the ideologies of this institution,” they bravely explained. "We can excuse one or two or ten racially insensitive remarks, but we will draw the line at twenty-eight.”

In years past, the university cited academic freedom in defense of Wax’s statements, but has now resolved to take action. “We will not tolerate those who repeatedly—and we mean repeatedly—promote white supremacy,” another member of the administration commented.

“This policy will ensure that once professors surpass the threshold of acceptable racist remarks, there will be consequences,” they said. “We will officially begin to consider initiating the disciplinary proceedings that will begin to keep track of whether Wax’s remarks should require the initiation of disciplinary proceedings.”