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OP-ED: Gays Are in Stem Only Because It’s Like Pills and Potions


A little drop of this, a splash of that: I’m just here to have fun, make potions, and watch RuPaul’s Drag Race when my TA isn’t looking. I love my chemistry lab. As a gay man in STEM, this is my calling.

I purposefully run my titrations past the end point just so my solution can turn bright pink. I love pink. Pink is my favorite color, even though pink is usually for girls. I'm so silly and girl-like in this manner!

I frolic around my lab bench, flirting with other boys and knocking over glassware. Sometimes, I don't even know what I'm doing! I just run around in my rainbow patterned shoes and giggle. I have to let my heterosexual lab partner take over pretty often—and that’s okay.

I show up religiously to my biology lectures, strutting down to the front row of my lecture hall. Other students look on, probably very jealous, as I take out my Rose Gold MacBook Air. I take so many notes on my Rose Gold MacBook Air. For hours, I type and I type on my Rose Gold MacBook Air.

I take chemistry with me wherever I go, making sure that I have my little bottle of poppers on me at all times. It’s important to fully commit to this science-oriented lifestyle I live. And to my fellow queers in STEM, keep slaying!